The Perfect Wave


Genre: Live Action

Cast: Scott Eastwood, Cheryl Ladd & Rachel Hendrix (October Baby)

Producer: Bryan Hickox

Key Features: Live Action, Based on a true story, Diversity of Location, Extreme Sports, 

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Synopsis: Based on a true story, The Perfect Wave, is a family oriented, coming of age movie, set against thrilling backgrounds of the international twenty-something world of tropical and exotic surfing in New Zealand, Bali, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the Island of Mauritius.

Ian McCormack leads a mundane life in Christchurch New Zealand. He is a twenty-four year-old latent teenager who sets off in search of the perfect wave. He drags his closest surfing buddy along with him, tempting fate and the call for a wild adventure. His father supports his adventure but his overly protective, religious mother refuses to give her blessing and reluctantly sends him on his way tearfully reminding him if he gets in trouble, turn to God.

Ian's search is a broader quest, beyond the next wave and next party. Ian discovers himself yearning for something other than the communal surf-party life; he wants, like so many young people, to go feral, to let life lead him and see what surprises it will provide.

Ian pushes to continue with the journey through the wilderness of the Australian outback and then north into Indonesia for a radical cultural shift, filled with new and exotic experiences. In Bali, he is seduced and falls into the arms of a beautiful Dutch girl, Anneke, a Buddhist and fellow traveler who seems to have found what he's been searching for.

Ian leaves his friend and heads off with Anneke, they continue on in their quest, together, now following Ian's lead as they head to Africa in his search for the perfect wave.

In South Africa, Ian confuses her free spirit with betrayal. After he accuses her of unfaithfulness with one of his old friends, she leaves him in pieces. Realizing his mistake, Ian heads to Mauritius were he believes he will find Anneke, and surf the legendary outer reef, which some have suggested may be the ultimate perfect wave. On reaching Mauritius, he discovers Anneke is gone, but instead finds a communal beach paradise, with incredible surf, friends, peace and fulfillment emerging from the acceptance of whatever the world throws his way.

An approaching storm threatens the resort community while setting its course to ignite the outer reef into an epic surf break and provide the perfect wave he has been searching for.

That night, Ian joins some friends on a night dive for lobster and in the dark water of the reef, encounters a group of dreaded box jellyfish with venom so virulent; one sting will kill. Ian is stung five times before he knows what's happening and struggles back to shore, where he is abandoned and left without hope.

While on route to the hospital, he realizes he is going to die. With nowhere else to turn, he remembers his mother's parting words to call on God in times of trouble and desperation. He fumbles his way through the Lord's Prayer, accepting in whatever way he knows, God's grace in the back of the ambulance.

At the Mauritian hospital, Ian is pronounced dead shortly after his arrival and is wheeled off to the morgue.

Ian awakes finding himself out of his own body, in complete darkness in a cold and strange place. As Ian struggles with what has happened and is lifted out of the darkness on a perfect wave a light, rising to heaven at the feet of Christ, where he is forgiven, redeemed and given the choice to stay in true paradise or return to tell the world his story.

Remembering his mother's love and wanting to share what he has seen, Ian chooses to return. Fifteen minutes after the doctor had pronounced him dead, he awakens in the morgue.

Ian walks out of the hospital and returns to his community of friends who are already mourning the news of his death. To their shock, he shares his story and in the morning
returns home to New Zealand, his plane rising over the outer reef where he sees the most incredible perfect wave breaking beneath him.

That true story happened 28 years ago. Stop and think about it for a minute many people have you heard about, or know, that have personally met their Creator and lived to talk about it? Now meet someone who has and you will be able to live his amazing and extraordinary experience for yourself.