Soldier of Destiny


Genre: Action Adventure


Key Features:  "No Greater Love Hath Any Man, Than to Give His life for His Brother"

Synopsis: From worn torn Afghanistan, a young marine's (TYLER) life is changed when he is saved by a fellow marine (QUINCY). This act costs QUINCY dearly as he dies in doing so, but before he dies he asks TYLER to find his sister who works in Africa. TYLER, torn with guilt, needs to find a way from behind enemy lines to get to QUINCY'S sister who is running a Christian Mission in Ethiopia, along with her husband, an ex-Marine cowboy, turned Pastor, where they care for the desperate local people who are constantly terrorized by crazed guerrilla fighters. The only thing that keeps them going is an unbeatable faith in God.

Our hero, the young Marine, goes from an unbeliever in God to one who experiences a Spiritual Awakening, which eventually leads him to an understanding of the ultimate sacrifice a man can give.., his own life...