Genre: Drama History


Key Features: 

Synopsis: In war-torn 140 BC, a prostitute becomes a traitor, then eludes the King's army to save her family from sure death while pulling off brave acts of espionage that turn her into a legendary heroine.

In this epic story of sex, lies, and war, Rabah is an unlikely hero in the famous battle for Jericho. She is a woman- a whore at best playing a man's game in a man's world. Her lies are smooth, yet cunning. Her battle tactics are instinctive, yet precise. Rehab is a woman on a mission: One woman against an entire army who pulls off a complex espionage mission that would make any spy proud.

In this mainly historical story, Rahab is a Canaanite prostitute during the Fall of Jericho who hides Israelite spies becoming a double agent in the run from the king.

Although Jericho, land of the Canaanites, is virtually impenetrable because it is surrounded by double walls of stone, the city is on lock down. No one can leave and no one can enter because the Israelites, the enemy, is camped within striking distance- causing fear to grip the city. War is imminent.

The city is a cesspool of immorality. Because of the city's wickedness, Rahab believes that her people cannot defeat the Israelites. She turns a chance encounter into the opportunity of a lifetime, when two strangers land on her doorstep. She soon discovers her late night visitors are spies from Israelite camp who have come to survey the land for a deadly swift attack.

In a race against time, Rahab quickly hides the spies in exchange for an oath that when Jericho is captured, the Israelites will spare her and her family. Through cunning negotiations, Rahab secures the safety of her family on two conditions: each family member must be in her house when the Israelite invasion takes place, and she mustn't tell anyone about her agreement with the spies. Rahab agrees to the spy's conditions. Having been labeled a traitor, persuading her family to come to her house without telling them the whole story, proves impossible, so on the day of the invasion, courageously, Rahab sets out on foot over miles of rough terrain to bring her family to safety.

In a heroic feat, Rahab manages to get everyone into her house before the Israelites burn the city to ruins, but not without historic consequences.