Genre: Drama History


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Synopsis: The Story of the Matriarch of the House of Joseph of Israel

Rachel is a well-known Bible story of the Old Testament and will be set during Bible Times. It is the story of a dedicated love between Rachel and Jacob and how they clung to that love while Jacob was made to marry Rachel's older sister, Leah. It is the story of the dedication to ones' first love, which held through other elements of the time.

This story of Rachel, who is one of the four matriarchs of the Hebrew nation. It was true love in a time when more often than not, marriage was a political appointment. It tells of her barren state when a woman's worth was measured in the number of male children she bore. It is a story of faith in a time when God was virtually unknown.

It is Rachel's life from birth to after death, the endurance of her love, faith, and generosity through the trails of treachery, jealously, and selfishness.

It is how, at times, she failed, but also when she overcame the obstacles of life. She was used through it all to build a nation of chosen people, many of whom still make a pilgrimage to her grave site in Israel today.

Rachel is the mother of the House of Joseph, consisting of the two half tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim.