Bethlehem or Bust


Genre: Animation

Cast: TBA

Key Features: Full feature animation

Synopsis: Who would have thought that the birth of a baby could change the world? And who would have thought that a handful of stable animals would be the witnesses to the arrival of the King? Fresh from their theatrical debut in the CG animated feature "The Lion of Judah", Slink (the rat), Drake (the rooster), Horace (the pig), Monty (the horse), and Esmay (the cow) return to the big screen in a fresh and surprising take on the Christmas Story.

Joined by a colorful cast of new eccentric characters we follow these lovable animals and learn how this King came to be born in a humble stable and changed the lives of all he encountered in the same way that "The Lion of Judah" tenderly recounted the Easter Story. "Bethlehem or Bust" is poised to become a classic family favorite for generations to come.