An African Tale


Genre: Animation

Cast: TBA

Key Features: Full feature animation

Synopsis: Let me tell you an African Tale…  A great and ancient tree stands, and has stood for centuries, in a desolate clearing between thick jungle and a vast savannah plain.  This tree dominates the borderlands – a separation between the animals of the plains and those of the jungle.  Enmity has stood between the two groups for so long that very few animals can remember how it began, and yet the mistrust runs deep.

Two little gangs of animal children, one from each side of the divide, embark on a secret adventure, and so they meet at the forbidden lightning tree - so called and so forbidden because of the terrifying lightning that strikes the tree once a month at precisely the same time.  What started as a bit of mischief becomes genuine danger as Silas, an adolescent baboon and gang-leader of the jungle animals, challenges Samo, the young elephant ringleader of the plains juveniles, to a game of ‘chicken’ at the tree. Who can stay the longest before fleeing the imminent lightning strike?

The inevitable happens, and the two are hit by a blaze of electricity, setting in motion a chain of events that will change their whole land forever.  Silas is stunned and amazed to be alive, but is even more startled when he finds himself in the body of the young elephant.  Samo tries to flee the tree, but finds the going difficult in the unfamiliar limbs of a primate. They have been magically swapped into one another’s bodies.

Silas and Samo find themselves rejected by their friends and ‘people’ and each begins a remarkable journey.  Most of the animals are completely unable to see beyond their new bodies, and so they are forced to assume each other’s identities.  However, the phenomenon has not escaped a few powerful eyes, and Silas’ uncle – the ruler of the jungle - hatches a plot that will plunge the land into grave danger.  He will harness the now-released power of the tree to steal the body of the great lion – king of the plains.

Silas and Samo find themselves in the midst of a great power struggle, but it is something far more. It’s a journey of peril, courage, friendship and a belonging that has eluded Silas for so long.  This is an African tale that will wrench the heart and warm the soul.