• Lion-of-Judah 


    A laugh-filled, warm-hearted, 3D animated tale, the Lion of Judah is a family classic in the making, seen through the eyes of a zany cast of stable animals.  This remarkable epic features the voice talents of a stellar cast including, Ernest Borgnine, Scott Eastwood, Michael Madsen, and Georgina Cordova, depicting a variety of historical scenes as it entertains with humorous antics.  You will be in awe of the power that one lamb can command.   read more
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  • african-tale 


    Let me tell you an African Tale… A great and ancient tree stands, and has stood for centuries, in a desolate clearing between thick jungle and a vast savannah plain. This tree dominates the borderlands – a separation between the animals of the plains and those of the jungle. Enmity has stood between the two groups for so long that very few animals can remember how it read more ...
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